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3 Weeks
DetoXyFi is a for-profit social enterprise focused on helping people across the world get access to clean drinking water. They reached out to us to build a brand and a landing page for their sustainable filtration device built on a decade of research. 

We crafted DetoXyFi’s brand to mirror their mission of global clean water access, highlighted by a minimalist water drop logo symbolizing clear flow. Our design features water-inspired colors with neon accents, underscoring the science behind their filtration technology. The concise landing page prominently displays the product and facilitates investor dialogue with a direct chat feature. Anticipating future enhancements, we provided a detailed report with actionable insights for website evolution, including content, SEO, and marketing strategies.


Wix Editor
Our branding for DetoXyFi is anchored by a minimalist typography logo of a water drop. It conveys simplicity and fluidity, with a gradient evoking the continuous flow of clean water—a symbol of their clear vision for global water accessibility.
Our report for DetoXyFi serves as a strategic guide for their website’s future development. It includes an in-depth analysis of the current design and content, with section-specific recommendations to enhance user engagement. We’ve outlined innovative blog topics and SEO tactics to boost online visibility, along with visual storytelling methods to effectively communicate their mission. This document is a blueprint for DetoXyFi’s sustained digital growth and market presence.
DetoXyFi’s brand, crafted with innovation and accessibility at its core, features a fresh color palette and a fluid logo design. Bold typography highlights their social impact, while a legible font ensures accessibility. Adherence to WCAG guidelines is meticulously incorporated for an inclusive brand experience.

Dhananjay Goel

Co-Founder, DetoXyFi

Very responsive team and an overall responsible agency providing quality service. Would recommend.
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