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About Us

Milan Global is a solution provider to leaders who want to make slow change
happen faster. When a leader or entrepreneur comes to us with a problem,
our multidisciplinary teams build and execute custom solutions that are sustainable.

Our Story

Spun out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, Milan Global is an interdisciplinary team of experts committed to supporting impactful startups, companies, non-profits, and leaders looking to create an impact. 

We provide a wide variety of services that grow as our team grows! Since 2019, we have particularly focused on providing business strategy, storytelling and capacity building services for 100+ projects across the globe - from shaping brands to really represent an organisation to helping leaders set and meet product goals.


Our mission is to cultivate effective teams to help leaders make slow change happen faster - ethically, uniquely and intentionally.


Our vision is to create a borderless ecosystem for human beings to indiscriminately build evolutionary tools to transform themselves and the world.

Our Expert Practitioners

Malini Srikrishna
Malini Srikrishna

Founder & Team Lead

  • Malini Srikrishna's Website
  • Malini Srikrishna on LinkedIn
  • Malini Srikrishna on Instagram

Social Innovation, Leadership, Workforce Development

Affiliated: Harvard University, The Ohio State University


Malini is cofounder & team lead at Milan Global. She is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and licensed social worker who has led teams to success on a wide variety of projects with global leaders across industries. She leverages the power of organizational sustainability and impact complementing each other.

Murt B&W
Mohamed AK

UI/UX Design

  • Website
  • Mohamed AK

Alma Mater: Northwestern, The Ohio State University

Mohamed is a multi-disciplined designer who uses research, visual storytelling, and psychological theory to design unique experiences. He has designed several brands, websites, and a mobile product that have all gone to market. With a result-oriented mindset he users his team's expertise, and an agile methodology to create scalable designs for companies to use and expand on for years to come.


Project Workflow Manager

  • P's LinkedIn
  • P's Instagram

Alma Mater: Manipal University - Jaipur

P is a junior project manager and brand designer at Milan Global. They utilize their storytelling and psychology background to create therapeutic experiences through diverse brands. Their goal is to enable brands to elicit the emotions necessary for a satisfying and outcome-oriented user journey.

Leonna Bell_headshot_edited.jpg
Leonna Bell

Branding & Growth Strategy

  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Alma Mater: The Ohio State University

Leonna is a project management and digital marketing specialist. She brings extensive experience creating and implementing highly-effective long-term solutions to bridge organizational gaps. She has a strong record of managing projects in demanding environments across sectors, including government, retail, food, and beyond.  

Anu P

Digital Marketing & Branding 

  • Anu's LinkedIn

Anu is a digital marketing consultant. She brings extensive experience creating and implementing highly-effective long-term solutions to bridge organizational gaps. She has a strong record of managing projects in demanding environments across sectors, including government, retail, food, and beyond.  

Ciarra Jones

Content Management & DEI

  • Website
  • Ciarra Jones' LinkedIn

Alma Mater: Harvard University, UC-Berkeley

Ciarra is a content management specialist, with a background in education and DEI. She uses a humanistic approach to help organizations strategically develop content, create a safe brand and atmosphere, and foster a deeper connection with clients.

Dr. Melinda McClimans

Leadership & Knowledge Curation

  • Melinda's Website
  • Melinda's LinkedIn

Alma Mater: The Ohio State University

Dr. Melinda McClimans is an experienced international educator and researcher, specializing in effective collaboration and goal-setting. She has managed 50+ projects and grants with expertise in optimizing diverse skill sets, enhancing cross-cultural communication, and experiential learning.

Eboni Nash.jpeg
Eboni Nash

Strategy & Community Management

  • Eboni's LinkedIn
  • Eboni's Instagram

Alma Mater: Harvard University, Hastings College


Eboni Nash (She/Hers) is a practitioner of liberation, racial justice advocate, and community builder that centers her work in radical self-care and healing pedagogy. She has a mission to abolish and expose oppressive, destructive, and socially violent structures that counteract the progression of humanity.To do this she actively invites lived experience, rejects cultural violence, and continually practices the embodiment of liberation and story-weaving to be the core of healing and bridge building within communities. 

John Mike High Noone_headshot_edited.jpg
John Mike High Noone

Visual Storytelling

  • Mike's Portfolio
  • Mike's LinkedIn
  • Mike's Youtube
  • Mike's Instagram

Alma Mater: California State University, Northridge

Mike is an international photographer and video producer with over 15 years experience in a very wide range of applications. From documentary production, to fashion and model photography, to live sports broadcasting, and many things in between. He has travelled and lived in over 15 countries across 5 continents while training his production skills. 

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