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Colorado Women's Education Foundation

4 Weeks
Education, Women
The Colorado Women's Education Foundation (CWEF) is a non-profit that has been providing Colorado women of non-traditional age with higher education scholarships since 1976. Their site had been operational in the same format for over a decade. As a 47-year old organisation, they have a large audience that uses their current website. They came to us looking for a makeover of their brand identity and their website to make it more accessible and up to date.
Screenshot 2024-01-23 193539.png

Our user survey analysis revealed 3 different user bases (donors, applicants, and explorers) averaging above 35 years of age. The CWEF website is bold, impactful, and uses powerful images of the women they have invested in over the years. Our team curated 3 unique user journeys while making the site easily sustainable for the CWEF team post-handover. Additionally, we created an elaborate site map and a user-friendly guide to the Wix Editor before we handed over the site.


Wix Editor



We decided to maintain the colors that were a part of the CWEF logo because it is a brand identity that most of their current audience strongly resonates with and easily recognises.

Roxanne Brickell-Reardon

Business and Program Manager, CWEF

The Milan Global team brought a fresh perspective, asked great questions and dug deeper, offered suggestions and innovation, very acknowledging, are great story tellers, excellent listeners, they got to the heart of the matter and the mission.
We opted for a bold contemporary typeface for the heading to represent the strong women that CWEF represents pairing it with a contemporary, legible typeface for the paragraph.
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