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4 weeks
SAAS, Healthcare
CardioPhi is a groundbreaking company that combines medical measurements with predictive AI to better inform healthcare workers of future heart attacks or health issues. We teamed up with them to reimagine their brand and launch their site announcing their presence to the world.

With our team, we plotted a one-month rebrand as well as a new webflow site, that would allow us to flesh out what goals they were trying to achieve in terms of awareness and fundraising, and what kind of communication style they would be using.

To do this we focused on three core messages. We wanted users to feel that Cardiophi is minimalistic, data-driven, and futuristic. All brand assets focused on these principles and by doing so helped us keep a clear and consistent version of the final product.


Adobe Illustrator


The logo undertaking was done in two major parts. The first was the creation of the logo mark. With its intricacies, we ensured that users were able to identify the combination of electrical nodes scanning through the heart, which is a clear depiction of the company's core function. The second part was creating a text-centered logo that incorporated an EKG pulse with the name. We did this to further represent the use of AI to interpret these readings and provide life-saving insights. 
For our colors, we focused on communicating trust, hope, and the groundbreaking technology behind Cardiophi. We also kept in mind the need for a scalable design system that can be applied to their products moving forward.
When working on any web design with a high development time we use wireframes, to iterate, plan, and create a solid foundational layout for the high fidelity design down the road. What this does is ensure that our communication, and user flow are coherant and will help our clients acheive their goals.
One thing we wanted to ensure was that the Cardiophi brand stood out amongst the rest. To do that we created custom brand assets that help drum up excitement as well as promote the EKG reading motif that we established in the logo.
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