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Lilac Impact Services

4 weeks

Lilac Social Impact Services specializes in social impact, and offers services such as community engagement, project management, and event coordination. The founder, Kayla J. Smith-Hardy, has a background in social justice and community organizing. They reached out to us to create their brand and design their website.


Our design for Lilac Impact Services fosters connections that drive social change. The website reflects their journey, guiding visitors from community engagement to impactful results. Clean lines and a focus on user experience create a professional and client-centric platform.

Logo & Logo Marks
Drawing inspiration from the name "Lilac," we crafted a simple, elegant logo. The design subtly references the flower's shape, reflecting growth and connection. An alternate logo mark incorporates a person icon, emphasizing their human-centered approach.
The brand design employs a palette of three lilac hues and utilizes circular, overlapping shapes to evoke the a sense of connection and growth. Maintaining a clean aesthetic through minimalist design and a serif display font, conveys sophistication, reinforcing a commitment to quality service.
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