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InnovaRx Global Health

2 Weeks
Health & Well-being
InnovaRx Global Health is a trailblazing healthcare solutions company driven by their commitment to equalizing access. With a focus on accessibility and excellence, they envision to ensure dignified, quality healthcare is accessible to all in Africa.
They reached out to us to reflect their high-quality, accessible, and revolutionary approach to healthcare in Africa through their website. 

The InnovaRx brand demanded a premium feel to reflect their high quality services. The next step - mapped out the user navigation on a site map. We paired their existing colour palette with a bold font to design a modern and professional layout with engaging visuals and clear navigation. We used real imagery extensively to capture the impact of InnovaRx.


Wix Editor



We decided to maintain the vibrant colours of the InnovaRx logo as a brand identity that most of their current audience strongly resonates with and easily recognises.
Manrope as the heading font is a bold yet professional encapsulating the high quality service of InnovaRx brand and accentuated by the rounder Manjari as a paragraph font to highlight their caregiving aspects. 

Dr. Ismail Badjie

Founder of Innovarx Global Health

By far one of the best professional experiences we have had working with Milan Global!! The entire team set clear expectations and their level of communication was stellar. The product delivered surpassed our expectations and we look forward to a long-term relationship.
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