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Gaanj Wellness

2 Weeks
E-commerce, Health


Gaanj Wellness by Angetha Agro is a holistic wellness brand dedicated to providing high-quality, CBD-based products for promoting balance and well-being. They approached us to build an e-commerce website for their premium wellness products.

We created a website with an online store containing customized, aspirational product pages for each of their current products. We also created an easy replication system for their product pages enabling easy maintenance. Additionally, at the time of transference, we also provided an extensive site map and one hour of live training.


Wix Editor
A minimal, sleek, clean experience
A well-planned out user journey in a sleek, minimal designs with clear CTAs culminate to create a hassle free experience for the user.
Our Individual Product Pages showcase the best of what our products have to offer in a stunning visual display. With a sleek and modern look that highlights important features and benefits, it eases the user's experience to make informed purchase decisions with a complete understanding of each product.

Shikhar Mishra

Founder, Gaanj Wellness

Was a great experience working with Milan Global. They  were very patient and accommodating, making sure to see things through. I was really able to step back from the design and focus on my business. Every startup deserves a team like this!
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