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2 weeks

CreatED is a platform that inspires high school students to create innovative projects and build impressive portfolios for their university applications.


They approached us to design their logo, a mobile-first website, and brand identity to reflect their exclusive futuristic programs and courses.


We designed a typography logo that captures the essence of their brand name and resonates with their target audience - ambitious high school students and their guardians. We then refined their brand deck to establish a consistent and professional design style.


Our team devised and implemented a mobile-friendly and creative website experience that highlighted their courses and showcased the achievements of their former students. We also standardized their marketing materials - brochures and standees for both print and online platforms.


Wix Studio
The initial logo intake revealed that they wanted a symbolic element that sparked innovation and had animation potential. The symbol of a bulb and the pencil really resonated with the founder. The contrast in the weights of the font adds more flow to the logo. We kept the colours minimal - black and white with a pop of sunglow yellow for the bulb. 
Using the logo colours raisin black, azure, and sunglow yellow as the primary colours to communicate idea and innovation. The vibrant shades of red, green, and blue as accents tie the brand together to spark youthfulness.

Aashna Saraf

Founder & CEO, CreatED

Wonderful consulting services. They really work hard for the client and deliver high quality work in tight deadlines. Highly recommend!
Our team designed a responsive, mobile-first website with dynamic animations and custom templates for each program. We included a scheduling feature for consultations and extended our design expertise to create unique flyers and standees for brand consistency.
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