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Who’s Gonna Handle Your Brand?

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Creating a comprehensive brand guide for companies, complete with animations, unique design elements, and engaging scroll effects on their websites, is where we truly shine. This is our Disneyland, and the challenge fuels our passion. However, the real test of a brand’s success comes after the handover, when you, dear business owner, start using the templates we've built for you. This is when your brand truly begins to shine—or, you know, crash and burn. But let’s aim for shine!

When embarking on a brand design project, one crucial consideration often overlooked is post-handover management. The brand guide, no matter how exhaustive and detailed, will only prove its worth if you can effectively implement it.

Here’s why understanding your resources is essential:

1. Assessing Your Capabilities

  • Team and Skills: Do you have an in-house design team, or will you rely on external resources? Assessing your team’s skill level ensures that the brand guide is user-friendly for them.

  • Time Allocation: Entrepreneurs often juggle multiple roles. Understanding your time constraints helps in creating practical, easy-to-implement design solutions.

2. Creating Practical Solutions

  • User-Friendly Platforms: Design templates on easy-to-use platforms like Canva or Wix can be a game-changer for clients with limited design expertise. No need to panic, even your intern can handle it!

  • Comprehensive Style Guides: A well-written style guide, complete with do’s and don’ts, examples, and troubleshooting tips, empowers you to maintain brand consistency.

3. Providing Ongoing Support

  • Training Sessions: Conducting training sessions post-handover can significantly enhance your ability to manage your brand.

  • Periodic Check-Ins: Scheduling regular check-ins ensures that the brand implementation stays on track and allows for timely adjustments. Think of us as your brand's fairy godparents, checking in to wave the magic wand now and then.

By providing you with the right tools, training, and support, we enable you to manage your brand effectively, regardless of your in-house capabilities. Understanding your resources is key to tailoring a brand guide that you can realistically maintain and use effectively. Post-handover, your brand’s destiny is in your hands—make every pixel count.


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