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Maintaining Brand Consistency

Even with the clearest brand guides, designs can sometimes go awry after the handover. Ensuring a consistent brand image across all platforms is crucial, yet it can be challenging. In this final installment, we discuss strategies to prevent branding mishaps and maintain a unified brand identity. Because no one wants their social media looking like it belongs to a different company altogether!

Post-handover, the challenge is ensuring that the brand remains consistent across all touchpoints. Here are some strategies to maintain a cohesive brand image:

1. Common Pitfalls

Follow-Up brand palette and typography
  • Inconsistent Social Media: A well-designed website might not translate to consistent social media branding. This discrepancy can confuse the audience and dilute the brand’s impact.

  • Deviations from the Style Guide: Over time, you might unintentionally deviate from the style guide, leading to a fragmented brand identity. Remember, your brand guide is not a suggestion; it's a sacred text!

2. Strategies for Consistency

A group of people smiling at the computer
  • Regular Reviews: Schedule regular reviews of your public brand assets. This helps identify inconsistencies early and provides an opportunity for timely corrections.

  • Feedback Mechanisms: Create a system where you can seek feedback or ask questions about brand implementation. This ongoing dialogue ensures you stay on track.

3. Support Options

An open computer with pages on them and a notebook half filled
  • Extended Services: Offer extended design services for social media assets, marketing materials, and other brand touchpoints. This ensures professional oversight and brand coherence. We’re like your brand’s personal trainers, keeping it in top shape.

  • Freelancer Connections: For those who prefer in-house management, we can connect you with reliable freelancers who can maintain your brand’s integrity.

4. Client Education

A person facing a computer attending an online workshop
  • Workshops and Webinars:  Conducting educational sessions on brand management can empower you to uphold the brand’s standards independently.

  • Resource Libraries: Provide access to a library of resources, including video tutorials, FAQs, and best practices, to guide you in maintaining your brand.

Maintaining a cohesive brand image requires vigilance and periodic intervention. By offering post-handover support and education, we help you preserve the integrity of your brand across all platforms. This completes our series on mastering brand design, from creation to maintenance.

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