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Know Thyself: How To Brand Your Company

Before diving into the design process, gather your internal team and truly understand your own brand. It's like preparing for a blind date—knowing yourself makes the first impression smoother, and there's less chance of accidentally mentioning your cat's Instagram account. Each team member's unique perspective from different parts of the product journey can provide valuable insights into what your company truly offers. This exercise not only uncovers unique value points you may have overlooked but also fosters a shared vision and alignment within your company. If there's misalignment among your team, trust us, it WILL show up in your brand—like mismatched socks on a first date.

Colourful mismatched socks and shoes

The Process

Think of your brand as a celebrity. Your brand assets (website, posters, social media, etc.) are like its glamorous wardrobe, and the tone and voice of your brand become its captivating personality.

To define your brand's characteristics, answer these four questions:

1. Who Are You?

People laughing at a dinner party

Imagine your brand at a dinner party. What kind of conversation would it spark? Would it talk about innovation, sustainability, or perhaps the best way to brew coffee? Your brand's purpose and core values should be as clear as the punchline of a good joke.

2. What Are You?

3 Silhouettes behind a red curtain in different poses

Are you the scrappy startup in a garage or the polished corporate titan? Picture your brand in a movie—what role does it play? This exercise not only helps your creative team deliver better designs but also ensures your company is internally aligned in your shared vision.

3. What Do You Want to Be?

A huge theatre filled with audience

Visualize your brand five years down the line. Is it the seasoned expert everyone turns to, or the trendsetter leading the charge? Your goals should be as epic as the finale of a blockbuster movie, guiding your brand's evolution while keeping its core values intact.

4. Who Is Your Audience?

Elon Musk in an astronaut suit with rockets shaped like toothbrush launching behind him

As tempting as it might be to say "Everyone!", be realistic. For example, Elon Musk isn’t likely to be interested in your affordable, eco-friendly toothbrush unless it can also launch itself into space and tweet about its journey. Identify and understand your target audience to create more effective branding. Check out these 3 steps to effectively nail down your audience.

Understanding your brand from within is the foundation of effective design. Aligning your team on this vision ensures that the brand you project to the world is cohesive and authentic. Remember, a well-defined internal vision will always reflect positively in your external brand identity—like a good hair day in every company photo.


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