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At Milan Global, we believe in the science behind cross-functional teams. Our human resource development services help companies create a culture of engagement, collaboration and growth. Our method ensures our clients have a healthy and high-performing workforce. We offer services such as hiring, training, retention, performance reviews and more. All of this is done within a framework that emphasises diversity, equity and inclusion. Once we sit down with you to identify the gaps, we can custom build a solution based on your desired outcomes.

Human Resource Development Services


We provide end-to-end hiring and recruitment services, bringing a multidisciplinary approach to building, executing and maintaining a pipeline for ideal candidates. Our approach includes capturing your company culture and the particular skillsets or outcomes you are hoping to gain through each hire. This allows us to curate the best matches for you.

Our Hiring & Recruitment Services include:

  • Effectively understanding and incorporating company culture into the process

  • Capturing requirements and creating a clear description

  • Developing a hiring and recruitment management system on Notion

  • Identifying and utilising the best channels to post jobs and engage candidates

  • Collaboratively conducting an interview and selection process

  • Setting up a clear onboarding process with long-term retention in mind

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